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Why OST File is Essential for Outlook/Exchange Server Users?

What is an OST (Offline Storage Table) File?

If you use Microsoft Outlook, then your emails messages and their other components are saved on both mail server and your personal system (computer). All the Outlook email messages saved on your pc in an MS Outlook Data as .pst and .ost files. If you configure Outlook with MS Exchange then users can keep a local copy of emails on your computer which is known as an Outlook Offline Storage Table (.ost) file. It allows you to use on the cache mode Exchange Server to read emails with mailbox when connectivity loss between Outlook and Exchange Server.

How to create an OST file by default?

If you use Microsoft Exchange Server mail account, then entire emails saved on the mail server. In other hand a copy of the Outlook mailbox is created on your computer in format of Offline Storage Table (.ost) file. If OST file is synchronize with Exchange Server when connection is available. If you got error message during synchronization process it means connectivity lost between Outlook and Exchange Server.

OST File Importance

It play vital role for Outlook/Exchange Server email client for recovery of emails from OST file in the following situation.

  • Cache Mode Exchange Server: When Exchange Server crashed due to any technical reason then you can get emails from OST file by manually or third party application (OST Recovery) too.
  • Outlook Mailbox Deleted by Mistake: If your Outlook mailbox deleted by mistake, in such condition you can recover deleted mailbox from OST file with all email objects.
  • Unable to Open Outlook Emails: If you are working with MS Outlook mailbox in offline Exchange Server and cannot open particular Outlook emails, then you can recover these from OST file without any data loss.
  • Synchronization Process: It play big role in synchronization process to communicate emails between Exchange Server to Outlook.